Friday, October 12, 2012

A New Blog Dedicated to the Work of a Single Masonic Scholar

Today, the Spanish Masonic Scholar Victor Guerra has created a new Masonic Blog dedicated to exploring the work of his colleague and friend, the late Charles Porset.

This is unique not only because of the personal nature of the endeavor, but also because Charles Porset was a prolific if under-recognized scholar on the French Rite. I am providing a translation of the first post, followed by a link to the original.  My interest is multifaceted. To begin with, the blog is written by a scholar I am pleased to call a friend and colleague, as well as a brother. Beyond that, I believe that we in North America are woefully unaware of the depth and quality of modern scholarship that exists in languages other than English. As long as we remain benighted, we will be the poorer for our provincialism and ignorance. It is well worth the effort, and most North American masons will be amazed by the volume of his work.


Who ... and why Charles Porset?

Picture taken in Bordeaux
Actually of some individuals related to Freemasonry, little is known, information about them is sparse and one of the most significant of these Brothers is Charles Porset, although personally I think in this case we know little of Porset's curriculum is because most likely nobody asked it of him, since it has never isolated what was Masonic from what was secular.

We know he was born in Bordeaux in 1944, and that of his family was Spanish, with origins in Granada and the Basque country, talking to him about this issue we conclude that perhaps the Porset, were part of those groups of skilled workers who went to Spain attracted by the good opportunities there for the XIX century, for technicians and skilled workers in glass, crockery, etc ... A few months ago we left him in his path to the Eternal East.

Of Charles Porset I can say that he was also founder of the Leonard de Vinci Lodge , located on Rue Cadet, headquarters of the Grand Orient of France . He was the first Venerable of the Lodge, its Honorary Venerable ... and his stature in Freemasonry Masonic was related to his reading of the book by Fred Zeller "Trois Points, c'est tout "   which was published in  Éditions Robert Laffont   in 1976, at that time Porset was 32.

At certain times of my life I have had an intense Masonic contact with him, but those relationships were a little like the Guadiana river, reappearing and disappearing rapidly.. I knew him to be a new Apprentice back in 1988 in Segovia ... and urged him to give me the keys to enter bag and baggage into the GODF, when we already had one foot out the GLSE .. then I went stumbling in various places .... when death stalked him he became very present, sending all kinds of files, jokes, music, and classical ppt, on multiple topics.

Victor Guerra
Today this new platform is opened to recover the memory of a Brother Mason, combative as he alone could be, caustic and very voltairesque, which in French Masonry was well known as it was among academics, but largely unknown in other territories such as Spain, This work seeks to publicize his work and thought, a rationalist Masonic thought, free from clichés and perks, which stripped the Masons to take her to the first moments of the birth of this modern, simple Masonic practice which is very common sensical, and therefore distant from the structures that today imprison much of the Masonic world.

This attempt to make Charles Porset familiar to the public, will surely not be liked in certain circles, where it will be viewed as a theft of his memory. That is a matter far from the intentions of the editor who simply desires to raise awareness of the work of Charles Porset. This is difficult and complex work  which attempts to compile and document the work of the General Grand Chapter of GODF and work of his widow, Jeanne Pagiusco. Work to Think!

 That is the intention in creating these pages on the work of an important thinker like Charles Porset.

Victor  Guerra

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