Friday, October 26, 2012

Dr. Bunseki Fu-Kiau: A Great Scholar and Spiritual Leader

Dr. Bunseki Fu-Kiau, of the Congo, a great figure in African Spiritual Traditions, a scholar, and one if not the last initiate into the Lemba, a great Bakongo Ngoma or healing cult that functioned from 1650–1930 is nearly his final passage from our world. Lemba was one of the major inspirations for many of the Afro-diasporic traditions, existing in a creole form by that name in Northern Haiti until today, the foundation of Lemba lineages in Cuban Congo traditions, and within Candomblé de Angola and Candomblé de Congo in Cuba. Dr. Fu-kiau, a much under-estimated scholar was an articulate voice seeking to share his understandings of Congo spirituality in the west. He has been given two-four weeks by the doctors. Please contribute to the effort to give him a proper send off and to return him to his homeland after his transition. Many thanks.
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