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Lisbon & Barcelona — The Modern Rite

Lisbon-Barcelona (Modern French Rite) ADDENDUM
Revista. Riot Francés

When the French Rite magazine was first visualized a year ago, and eventually offered for download, there was a major issue that Victor Guerra spoke of in his announcement post that accompanied the magazine, but it was not referenced in the magazine.  The subject in question concerns the two announcements that were issued with respect to the Modern French Rite by Lisbon and Barcelona.

                     Kadosh Degree            Addendum to Magazine                     

Click on link below each journal to download them in PDF

The first, published in Lisbon is linked to the General Grand Chapter of GODF French Rite, and the other was born as an answer to that effort and led to the Unión Masónico Universal Rito Moderno (UMURM) and relates to the Modern Rite in Barcelona.

Arguably the first intended to be "Union Center", and the second is intended to be "Unity Center", which may appear synonymous, but isn't because the first part reflects an Andolusian heritage which is tied to the hegemony of GODF Freemasonry, and the other is the daughter of the projected balance "Régulateur du Maçon."

These two famous Charters: Lisbon and Barcelona marked two milestones, and two ways of equidistance, and which were the reason why for the No. 1 magazine French Ritewas led off by  Brother William Fuchslocher, one of the first to have studied and worked on the French Rite in Spanish.

From this distant perspective I ordered analytical work on these letters and full freedom once I had published several articles published low these titles: Live the Caenas and also: Analysis of the Charter of the French Rite, signed in Lisbon.

The analysis of these two works is delivered today as an addendum, after almost one year in the making.

These articles can be reached by the links below:

Unión Masónica Universal Rito Moderno

Academia Internacional del V° Orden del Rito Moderno

Gracias a Victor Guerra

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