Friday, December 7, 2012

The Lausanne Congress: A brief Primer

I am posting this recorded history of the Lausanne Conference, recognizing that it may be a bit dry, and for those unfamiliar with any Brazilians, a bit difficult to follow. However, it provides some valuable information, albeit a bit conservative in its slant, on an important event in the history of the Scottish Rite in the world.

Since North Americans tend to be all but totally ignorant of this history, I figured it would not hurt to offer it here. It dealt with many things more important than the issue of the GAOTU, which is perhaps the only issue from its agenda of which North Americans are aware.

Whether it provides new information to you or not, and whether you agree with the perspective here, it's worth a listen. Learning more about any aspect of Masonry will only make for a better masonic body.

The speaker is William Almeida DeCarvalho, a Past Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Brazil, and a member of their research lodge.

The Lausanne Congress from WEOFM on Vimeo.

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