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Research Lodge Theorema No. 36

The Rஃ Lஃ Theorema No. 36 is constituted as a Lodge of Research within La Gran Logia Simbolíca Española (GLSE-GOEU) for the purpose of studying hermeneutics, semiotics and the psychological aspects of the Masonic Method, its iconography and rituals, as well as symbolism in general.

Also within their means and according to the needs of Spanish Freemasonry, Lodge Theorema aims to:

1. Develop and promote work in the field of history, sociology, philosophy, ethics and education, as contributions to Masonic thought.
2. Conduct studies on the condition of human life on the planet.
3. Conduct outreach and biographical studies of the life and work of Masons      who have attained the status of persons of interest or are role models as a result of their accomplishments.
4. Organizing Conferences, Seminars, Courses and Symposia on any of the matters referred to in the above points, and the
publication of Minutes and Papers on them.
5. Establish relations with other Research Lodges.
6. Constitute a Masonic library.

No Research Lodge meets regularly for ritual since most of the research work is performed by its members individually. No Research Lodge performs lodge initiations, and members must be people who are teachers in active Masons lodge elsewhere. However, Theorema will hold a meeting at least once a year and develop its work in the Aஃ Aஃ Sஃ Rஃ as the rite of the Grand Lodge with each brother or sister using the apron and the insignia of his home lodge.

Theorema Members during a meeting in 2011.
The Rஃ Lஃ Theorema No. 36 adopted as its logo the Pythagorean theorem, which presents the development of the sides of a triangle into a square. These squares, in turn, are checkered black and white tiles. The hypotenuse is the base of the triangle, the lower leg is on the left and the higher on the right. The white squares of the square building on the lower leg are five in number and the hypotenuse of the twelve in number. At the bottom of this geometric construction is the word Theorema, written in Greek characters as well: Θεορεμα.

The Rஃ Lஃ THEOREMA No. 36 is open to men and women.

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