Thursday, March 27, 2014

Masonic Protest in Brazil

Masons protest in a public square and demonstrate dissatisfaction with the Dilma Government The Masons invited society to reflect on the current situation in the Brazil. Carrying banners and placards, a Lodge of Masons organized a march to protest against the current political, economic and social situation faced by Brazil during the day last Saturday (March 22, 2014). Masons advocate freedom of expression, respect for the law and based upon their ethical principles, protested against corruption and high tax rates. They are asking the Judiciary to protect equal rights for all Brazilians, among other demands.

Worshipful Master Marcos Barbosa
The protest occurred in Getúlio Vargas Square in downtown Caratinga, Brazil. The march was organized by the Lodge "Loja Obreiros de Caratinga" and "Fraternidade Acadêmica de Caratinga." According to Marcos Barbosa, the Worshipful Master of Lodge Obreiros de Caratinga, other lodges in the country also engaged in protests to encourage Brazilian society to reflect on the political and economic situation in Brazil. Marcos Barbosa also highlighted that the march was supported by the Masonic Lodges of Ipanema and Simonésia, and some brothers in Manhuaçu and the lodges of Loja Caratinga Livre and Filhos da Acácia. During the protest, the Masons also warned of a possible dictatorship in the country.


Obrigado a Roberto Marilia e Raquel Borsari. 
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