Friday, March 14, 2014

Project AWE: Art and Æsthetics in the Western Esoteric Traditions

 Project for Aesthetics of Western Esotericism: exploring lost connections between Hermetic-Cabalist traditions and the cultural icons of Western European heritage.  Conceived, Founded and Directed by Zhenya Gershman and John Slifko

Project AWE is a new endeavor initiated by Zhenya Gershman and John Slifko to explore the artistic and aesthetic implications of the Hermetic and Cabalist visions in Western society over the centuries. It is being launched using two internet modalities. The first is a web based format called Scoop-it, which allows the creation of a journal like website creating articles and drawing on the work of others as well as the authors themselves. Scoop-it is currently the engine that is providing the content of the project. A Facebook Community has also been set up to promote the information provided through the Scoop-it site. The Facebook Community page affords you as an individual to participate in the discussion and the project directly. The intent is not only to expand awareness of the aesthetic history of these traditions but also to encourage a greater and active discussion of the topics among members of interested communities and organizations, including artists, freemasons, and other esotericists.

This is how the founders describe what they seek to accomplish and share with this new electronic project:

tracing the esoteric chain between the art of Renaissance, Baroque, and Enlightenment

Exploring forgotten connections between Hermetic-Cabalist traditions and ART history

Through the esoteric lens, we provide new dimensions to understanding and experiencing the cultural icons of Western European heritage.
General information

We invite you to examine visual evidence which demonstrates the reflection and dissemination of esoteric ideas across time through painting, sculpture, music, architecture, publishing houses, and literature from Leonardo Da Vinci to Caspar David Friedrich.

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