Monday, March 10, 2014

Prendas and Soperas: Art Exhibit in Milwaukee

The creative and visionary work of artist, teacher, and master ceramicist Adam Posnak will on display in Milwaukee shortly. A reception is to be held on March 20th from 7pm - 11pm in the gallery space in the Pritzlaff Building. For more information, call 414-529- 8352.

Prendas are the spiritual vessels, made by Paleros (religious practitioners of Congo origin in Cuba) of varying materials and including many substances described by the Cuban anthropologist and Ethnographer Lydia Cabrera as a world in miniature. Soperas are the ceramic vessels used in the Regla de Ocha, of Yoruba origin as devotional receptacles for the veneration of the Orichas or spiritual beings of their faith.

Adam Posnak is a professional ceramicist and teacher, who produces decorative soperas and other ceramic vessels inspired by Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian traditions and for use by their adherents.

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